Booking and Cancellation Policy
Before you book your workshop please check your preferred dates carefully.  At this stage we may be able to accomodate a special arrangement with a student. Once the booking has been made this may be  difficult or impossible to transfer to any alternative dates. If possible we will change a start date but you may also send a friend or relative to take the course in your place. For courses running more than one day you should also make sure you can attend all of the sessions.
1. All courses and workshops are subject to advance payments.
2. Only payments in full reserve a place
3. Courses are usually of 6 week duration. If a holiday booking exists at beginning of course this has to be mentioned otherwise the missed week cannot be deferred. Missed weeks are not our responsibility and will only be deferred in very rare cases.
Refunds cannot be given in full and depend on the time between booking and the start of the course. A cancellation fee will always apply:
28 days prior to the course or workshop the fee will be 10% of the course fee
14 days 50%
7 days 75% For any cancellations 
7 days or less prior to workshops and courses and where an alternative has been offered
no refunds can be given.


Made to measure clothing
An non refundable deposit of half or approximately half of the final cost will be charged before measurements are taken. The whole fee for the garment has to be paid in the event of a cancellation.
Every made -to-measure garment will be made up as a toile (mock-up)first, and most of the changes can be made on this. Style changes can only be made during this period and any other style changes at a later stage will be charged as an additional cost to the client.
The client will receive 3 fittings included in the price and the work will be carried out according to the client's direction. Any changes to the fit  not indicated at the 3rd fitting cannot be included in the original price but will be classed as a commercial alteration.
The fee for the making of the garment is due to be paid after the 3rd fitting
Made to measure soft-furnishings
We can only take responsibility on size of curtains and soft-furnishings if we have taken the measurements ourselves. By working from client's measurements we cannot guarantee of size to fit.
Half of the approximate price has to be paid in advance to cover any fabrics to be ordered.
Fabrics ordered for a specific job cannot be refunded because the suppliers don't accept cut fabric returns. However the client may take ownership of said fabric.
Style changes cannot always be taken into consideration for a variety of reasons. It's down to the discretion of "Sew!" by M-Design if any changes can be made.
Final payment needs to be made immediately on receipt of the item or on completing installation.
Terms and conditions for alterations
We try and do our best to fulfill your requirements with any alterations be it to any shop bought clothing or shop bought curtains that we are commissioned to make changes to. We always endeavor to do our best for you. Sometimes alterations to garments and curtains don't always come out as they were expected even if we have done our best. For instance in the case of curtain shortening /lengthening we will go by your measurements, however our equipment may differ slightly from yours. Any changes we make and you have agreed to and that we can prove are carried out correctly with the knowledge we had at the time of operation are not open for reproach.
In the same way this goes for clothing alterations. Whilst in the shop your garments will be pinned up as best as possible and only altered after your agreement. If you are not happy with anything (garments may feel too tight, too short, too long at this point) you have to make us aware of this there and then. We often can't make changes to something that hasalready  been altered. We endeavour to alter everything to best of our ability and to the highest customer satisfaction. However sometimes when making changes to a garment, something may happen that changes other parts of the garment slightly, occasionally this is unavoidable and we can't take responsibility for that if we went and did the alterations you asked us to do. We will always try and tell you what  might happen to the garment before we do the alteration where possible.
Once an alteration has been finished you will be notified and we expect you to pick up your order immediately or as soon as possible. Anything that has not been picked up after a period of 30days we will implement a storage charge and if non-payment proceeds we will be forced to start court proceedings. Any items left with us for longer than 3 months will be disposed of.
We keep our data to fulfil orders. This may be to send ordered goods to you or in the case of classes we will need to keep these for a while for insurance purposes. If you wish to come off our database afterwards please let us know.
Our database is only accessible to the owner of this site through password and fingerprint protected apps and webpages on pc, tablet and mobile phone devices.
Where we use handwritten cards to accompany garments, soft-furnishings and alterations we do for you, we will store these in a locked cabinet for accountancy purposes only.
We pledge that we will not sell or transfer your personal data to third parties.