Crochet time: Granny squares 01/02/2020 1.30pm-4pm Saturday


Crochet is one of my all time favourite crafts and I have practised this  since the age of 5. If you would like to have a go why not enrole  on this short course.

Although this is a seperately listed class it's a follow on from the flower crochet class. You may however come and join and just get on with a granny square with the two basic stitches.

All you need is a 4-4.5 crochet hook and some double knit polyester yarn preferably a light or bright colour not a dark one as you can't really count the stitches so well on a dark one or see whatever else is going on with what you've hooked.

Please indicate when booking whether you are left or right handed.

If you haven't got any balls of yarn and a hook handy, you can buy some in our Shop "SEW!" By M-Design Sewing Studio on Gloucester Road in Cheltenham.

This crochet lesson is held @"SEW!" in Cheltenham

 This is NOT a 1-2-1 so mininum of  2 people needed to sign up for the class to go ahead. ( Perhaps call a friend?)

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